Calcium Supplements

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From fetus to the elderly, calcium is an indispensable mineral for healthy body function.  Almost  99% of the bone-strengthening nutrient is stored in bone tissues, followed by a mere 1% in blood, muscle and fluid.  It is the mineral with the highest concentration in our body.

Our bones and teeth act as the main depository of calcium and they serve to store as much calcium as possible during youth. It  is an essential building block of our bones and teeth. Calcium build-up makes the bone compact and increase the bone mass until the age 30 when peak bone mass is reached. By that time, calcium begin to leech from bones more than they can be absorbed. This will weaken and thin your bones. When your bone becomes brittle due to calcium insufficiency, your risk for osteoporosis increases. Therefore, it is important to get adequate calcium supplement before 30 years old so that your bone mass can be maximized.

Calcium Supplement

Besides, calcium is also important in a list of other body functions, ranging from muscle contraction, nerve function, metabolism to blood clotting mechanism.  People with low calcium level in their body are more susceptible to development of blood clots, a medical problem which can cause obstruction in your blood vessels. This would affect blood circulation and healthy functions of organs, especially our heart.

Men and women of all ages need calcium as an indispensable nutrient to feed their bones. Children and teenagers need calcium for physical growth while adults require calcium to strengthen their bones and prevent osteoporosis. However, certain groups of individuals do need a higher intake of calcium than the rest. Pregnant mothers need additional calcium intake for proper fetal growth to build strong bones and teeth. Otherwise, their own calcium storage and bone health will be compromised. Apart from pregnant women, post menopausal women are also lacking in calcium and commonly experience joint and bone aches due to calcium depletion. With extra supplementation of calcium, this will help to relieve the pain and increase work endurance.

Calcium supplements are available in different salt forms, namely calcium citrate, carbonate, lactate and etc. Citracal is a calcium supplement added with vitamin D to increase bone mass. It is a great formulation that has been proven to delay bone loss. The calcium content is very soluble and readily absorbed by our body so that more calcium will be available for your bones. The added vitamin D serves to promote absorption of calcium. It has been touted that the good combination of Citracal and certain exercises can exert remarkable effect in improving bone density.

AlgaeCal is another popular calcium supplement which may offer you solution to bone thinning and bone pains. The product is made up of calcium and vitamin D. It is a plant-based formulation where calcium is sourced from algae. Its claim to increase bone density is backed up by evidence, therefore the formulation is considered as efficacious. As it is sourced from plants, the supplement is a good choice for vegetarians as well.

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