Calcitonin osteoporosis

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Upon discovering the onset of osteoporosis the general rule would be to look for a suitable treatment medical or alternative. If the disease is caught at an early stage then the possibility of using less invasive methods of treatment are usually prescribed. The use of Calcitonin is a popular choice when if comes to treating less severe osteoporosis conditions.

When it comes to addressing the bone loss conditions in post menopausal women Calcitonin is usually prescribed. This particular supporting supplement has been known to provide the necessary conditions for increased bone density and strength in the same group of women.

However Calcitonin is not really effective when it come to increasing the bone density and strength as other compounds like estrogen and other anti restorative agents. Though it has been proven to be non effective in treating spinal fractures, the positive results from treating hip fracture have been quite encouraging. Even so Calcitonin is not the first and best option to elect when addressing the osteoporosis problem.

Normally administered as a shot under the skin or directly into the muscle, Calcitonin can also be inhaled. The inhalation method has proved to be the easiest and best option for milder osteoporosis cases. Most of the natural resources of Calcitonin come from several animal species but to date salmon seems to be the popular choice and is fairly wide used.

Another interesting asset of using Calcitonin to treat osteoporosis is that it addresses the pain almost immediately in various areas ranging from acute vertebral fractures to Paget’s disease conditions, and bone malignancies. Other sources of musculoskeletal pain can also be addressed with the use of Calcitonin.

Because of the recent demand for Calcitonin with respect to treating osteoporosis, recent research has shown that there may also be an oral style Calcitonin way to taking this compound.

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