Magnesium orotate benefits

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As with many vitamins, supplements and mineral there are several types marketed for each product. The confusion often linked to the vast variety of each product type in the market often leads to the wrong dosage taken by an individual. Adding to this a lot of these products can be acquired over the counter and without the necessary doctor’s prescription.

Magnesium is one of these products available in many brands and forms. Of course the best way to take this mineral is in its natural form available in foods. However in most cases today it is necessary to supplement the natural source with pills and such, because of the mostly unhealthy or incomplete diet people consume.

Magnesium is a very important mineral needed for the heart and mind to function at its optimum. While magnesium serves as a cofactor for many enzymes orotate is the raw material the body uses to make DNA. Magnesium orotate in the form of chelated magnesium supplements is noted to provide a host of benefits.

Research has been done on athletes taking magnesium supplements which show that deep sleep is often not achieved because the magnesium mineral provides an inhibitory action on the release of catecholamine hormones like adrenaline. When there is an inadequate amount of magnesium, these hormones over stimulate activity in the central nervous system causing restless sleep patterns. Magnesium orotate has been found to bring down these levels of stress hormones more effectively than other forms.

Other studies done in the cardiovascular field also recommends magnesium orotate as a suitable if not more effective mineral to help reduce tension in the arteries and also normalize blood pressure levels. Hydration is also another problems magnesium orotate can help control. Magnesium orotate help to operate the sodium apparatus pump present in each cell, with its sufficiently distributed mineral content.

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